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Hi, this is James Gray. Thanks for stopping by to check out the Graymatter newsletter. My curiosity is researching and sharing valuable information for anyone seeking to experience their true potential thoughtfully, strategically, and with discipline.

Graymatter explores ideas that shape the future of human potential and unlock your best self. Topics include consciousness, intelligence, technology, strategy, and philosophy.

🤖 Technology: The emergence and accessibility of AI technology to anyone is changing the landscape of the talent market and how we compete to land jobs and perform. As a former data scientist, I research and share how you can leverage these technologies to improve productivity, maximize impact, and reach a new level of potential.

🧠 Consciousness & Intelligence: winning the “outer game” you compete in is structurally limited by your “inner game.” I share my proven ideas as a coach and other resources to help you align and integrate your mindset that drives more focus and conviction to achieve what you want.

♟️Strategy & Philosophy: time is the most precious asset we have. The good news is that we don’t have to learn everything by trial and error in our career pursuit. My passion is researching and applying time-tested strategy and philosophy to experience fulfillment, achievement, well-being, and doing work I love.

My work spans various roles, including a data & AI executive, leadership and performance coach, podcaster, learning facilitator at the Berkeley Haas School of Business, and Coach at the Gies College of Business, University of Illinois. I have previously held roles as a Chief Information Officer, Chief Product Officer, data scientist, product manager, data engineering leader, and IT leader. I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn.

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James Gray

Data & AI executive | Coach | Author of Graymatter Newsletter & Host of Graymatter Podcast | Learning Facilitator at Berkeley Haas School of Business